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Growth is about seeing the patterns, assessing the risks, and embracing change – scratch that – engineering change. 

Mischaela evangelizes a perspective on strategic growth that stems from calculated risk and agile execution- not luck or quick gains schemes. Her growth strategies are holistic, focused not just on the organizations and ventures themselves, but also on the people sparking growth and spurring change.

She has been celebrated by Crain’s Business, Porsche’s 30 Under 30, and Glamour Magazine for her business savvy. Her work includes clients like Tiffany and Co., Patek Phillipe, Donna Karan, Mazda, Spacex, and more – and she has had the pleasure to work with media strategy talent like Aliza Licht of DKNY PR Girl fame and Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. 

Mischaela Elkins

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My blog is a peek into my mind and passions. I write primarily about business, growth mechanics, growth hacking, Finance, and philanthropy.

growth hacking

Growth Ratios and Why You Have To Work Four Times Harder to Be Twice As Good

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You’ve put in the time and worked to hit the goal you put down on paper and committed to.  Fantastic!   The most challenging and off putting thing about starting a new project, venture, or multi-platform campaign is the exponential effort that goes into achieving growth. You’ll notice I didn’t…

5 Ways You’re Growing Your Business That Aren’t True Growth

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Growth is more than just a positive uptick in numbers. Truth growth comes down to a pretty straight forward formula, one I’ve written more about here. This formula factors in the key components of actually giving your business lift. If there is a correct definition of true growth – of…




Minivest is a thinktank and growth strategy firm for businesses and organizations that know growth hacking isn't just a digital marketing tactic. Growth hacking is a series of principles that leverage small capital for big change, whether that change is operational alpha or through market engineering. True measurable growth from repeatable efforts backed by data. That's what we do.

BLOGGER IN CHIEF reported that major fashion bloggers turned into major millionaires last year, with some even charging up to $100,000 for a post on Instagram. #Blessed. Want a piece of the pie? Of course you do. That’s where we come in – we have the recipe.

There isn’t a magic potion for digital dollars or online success. Just like there isn’t one serum that is a cosmetic equivalent of the fountain of youth. We aren’t going to lead you to the end of the rainbow and hand you a check by the end of this book. What we will do, however, is give you the ingredients to start getting paid to live your life, #NoFilter.

Now with a forward by fashion mega-blogger Danielle Peazer, Blogger in Chief is a hilarious, pop-culture reference laden how to guide for Millennial women looking to unleash their inner media mogul and dominate as niche bloggers and cross platform influencers.

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The first Minivest campaign – the I WAS HERE initiative – is a global initiative to change the lives of people in every country on the planet in one lifetime.