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LadyMoney is one part think tank, one part media destination for all things pertaining to women and finance. Here you’ll find both irreverent commentary and whip smart analysis on the trends shaping the female economy. 

Dive into whitepapers, studies, and more research into the ways women spend, save, invest, diversify globally.


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LADYMONEY is an online media destination dedicated to all things women and finance. One part thinktank and one part irreverent commentary and trend/current events focused reporting; the brand lives by the ethos that Diamond Stocks are a Girl's Best Friend. also boasts a hilarious bi-weekly newsletter called THE MONEY SHOT with a voice best described as The Skimm's witty, Finance focused little sister who interned at Goldman Sachs and has the spreadsheets to prove it.

Meet Mischaela. 

Brazen ENTJ, proud owner of a Capricorn stellium, lady in black. No problem “keeping up with the boys” despite a 4 inch heel. 

Mischaela Elkins is the lady behind LadyMoney – a thinktank meets media destination to occupy the gap in clever, whip smart content and commentary on women’s behavioral finance and economics. 

An expert on the topic of Female Behavioral Finance and Economics – Mischaela holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Finance from Indiana University, studied Business Statistics and Economics during a pre-MBA summer intensive at Harvard Business School, and completed her MBA at Spain’s high ranking Instituto de Empresa. Post-MBA she completed a specialization from Universite de Geneve in Investments and holds a CFA credential in IF.

Her resume includes product strategy for a financial services firm with clientele including some of the most sought after hedge funds, active trader strategy for a derivatives trading platform, and a portfolio of consumer psychology and behavior based positioning work for brands like Space X, Patek Phillipe, Tiffany & Co, and DKNY.



The LADYMONEY blog is a witty, irreverent take on the global economics, world politics, and macro and micro trends that drive women's behavioral finance. With takes on everything from comparative analysis of commodities versus engineered scarcity in the luxury fashion industry to deconstructions of LVMH earnings reports as economic indicators it packs a strong Financial punch. However, the blog isn't above sifting through Nicki Minaj lyrics to derive solid investment advice or turning a Cardi B lyric into a data viz caption.