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In the spirit of providing a sneak peek into some of what you'll find in my book Inner Glow Up, and in the Inner Glow Up Masterclass content; I have created a short 21 Day email course for you to follow along. Each day, your inbox will be hashtag blessed with a new volume, a daily digest featuring one thing you can do to raise your vibration. Each of these tips are part of my personal arsenal of self-care, mindfulness, and personal management tools and have been tried and tested by me.

I hope that you will find value in following along with my short course that teaches you ways to master daily mindfulness practices that can help you fight stress, and release negativity. Each day has an accompanying video that explains the how and why of what we are doing. I wanted each course participant to understand exactly how what you're being tasked to do can really contribute to your overall well being and raise your vibration.

This course is of value to you if you've ever wondered how to manage your vibration on a daily basis. I dig into how it is not enough to simply clean your energy every day. People often get it all wrong and assume that you go throughout life with a positive vibration, and then that vibration gets a bit mucky and so the next thing you do is completely hit reset on your vibration. The truth of the matter is that vibration is a spectrum, and its best for you AND YOUR ENERGY if you instead raise your vibration from where you sit rather than simply clean sweeping out your energetic balance. 

You're probably wondering what the difference is? In my experience, it isn't practical to continue energy management by doing a full clean sweep. In daily life, it more so often happens that we have to manage and raise our vibration where we are - through a series of steps and techniques. That is where mindfulness comes in. It's very simple to be mindful and focused on your highest vibration and universal bliss and joy when you are deep in meditation and perfectly comfortable at home. It's a much more challenging feat to stay in a high vibration when you're power walking through Whole Foods to pick up lunch midday and your heel snaps off at the base like its made of those thin little breadsticks they serve at all of the family Italian restaurants that are supposed to look heritage and family owned so they have pre-threadbare worn tablecloths trucked in and purposefully crooked wall to ceiling picture frames full of images of Positano in the early 60's, but are actually only 2 year old establishments with names that translate to "Whisper" and "Naptime" in Italian. (A specific example, but I can totally sense we are riding the same wave here.)

I digress, I really wanted to create something that was a Swiss Army knife of sorts...for energetic and vibration management. Why? Because truly great things come to you when you are aligned and in the flow and in your highest vibration. Not just the tangible things, but also come of your greatest breakthroughs and downloads of divinely guided actions and steps to take can come through when you're operating from that place of enlightenment and connection. I hope you'll enjoy all 21 Days of high vibrational goodness, and then after that you'll be in a really good space to begin reading the book. Available on Amazon on January 1st, 2020.