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2018 is a new year, with new options and new growth. I’m dropping 7 of my favorite Instagram growth strategies for the month of January. You can use these 7 growth hacks for Instagram growth right now. Just be diligent on choosing a strategy that works best for your goals, and don’t forget to be calculated and consistent.  Here are my top tips for growing your business or brand on Instagram for the month of January.


1. Build a small like/comment exchange.

One of the best tips going now is the formation of growth focused groups and exchanges where friends and connections on other social platforms come together in Facebook groups or instant messaging groups to share their recent Insta uploads and agree to comment and like each image consistently to help boost repetitive “organic” engagement. Kind of a hacky work around to keep engagement levels consistent to rank photos under specified hashtags – no word on if Instagram co-signs on this tactic or if the platform has penalties for such behaviors. I’ll be writing a post later on the types of algos Insta could be leveraging to sniff out such exchanges and penalize participants. All conjecture though, I’m no Instagram engineer.

2. Reach out to small Co’s that need content.

A stellar way to get your account tagged and linked by fledgling companies with ravenous audiences is to purchase something from them and deliver an impromptu photoshoot. Small brands need diverse content and love to showcase brand evangelists. You can even get a bump in following from their followers if your brand speaks to their customer demographic. 

3. Use automation to play your Insta content across to Pinterest.

There are a number of automated ways to play content across other channels. One of the key’s of growth hacking is to double down on what works, and work smarter….not harder. Just make sure that smarter work, that automation…is being implemented on the best performing experiment. Pinterest is an ideal platform to stow away all of your Instagrams for indexing and discovery. You work hard to create your content, put it to work TWICE.

4. Own a hashtag, set up camp there.

One of my favorite ways to float growth is to really own a hashtag. The one I didn’t invent, but have been owning lately is #GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough. It’s not my trademarked expression, but it speaks to me…and now when others hashtag it and land on it…they will see a hashtag ecosystem fully dominated by BLOOM.

5. Regram with a strategy.

Everything you do should have a strategy, and your regrams are no different. Rather than using an app, instead play across content that fits your aesthetic and will land well with your audience from other Grammers. Be sure to tag them and mention them in the caption and give credit where credit is due. They will see your account, others who follow them and look at their “tagged in” tab will see you, and you get mad time savings as you didn’t have to create content. It’s win-win-WIN!

6. Look at every post on Instagram like an ad space.

I won’t elaborate on this one here, as this is a full post in and of itself. Well, it’s more than a post…it’s an entire mindset. In short, stop looking at your Instagram grams as content or visual posting….instead look at them as ad spaces for your brand, your offering to the world, and for what you do. What color, what copy, what call to action moves people….what does it say about your brand? How can you optimize each pixel to be a stand alone ad – so to speak – for you and your mission? How can you monetize these ad squares?

7. Contextualize your stories.

Use location tagging, hashtag, and leverage linking functionality if you have more than 10K followers. Ensure you are letting your stories be categorizable for Instagram’s algorithms…this way you are being suggested to people with greater accuracy. Yeah, InstaStories are great as an avenue for your impromptu opinion pieces…but if you’re going to take the time…make the time count. Ensure you’re getting recommended to audiences that should be engaging with what you put out into the world.

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