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Everyone gets into their feels about eating their food from plastic containers, drinking their water from plastic bottles, and being a consumer of plastics. However, many people have no problem with it in their shower. Plastic shower curtains, plastic floor liners and anti-slip mats are all too common.


I got a bit into Feng Shui last Spring and decided to reno my bathroom decor to be a bit more earthy and minimalist – and of course bring in the spa elements that I find so relaxing in other spaces. I wanted an oasis that helped me melt away the day’s stress and restore myself back to my natural state of calm.

If you dig into Feng Shui as a principle you’ll find that the bathroom is a space that is deemed a negative energy space. It’s impacts to the flow of chi – or energy – through the home should be mitigated by adding more wood and earth elements to balance out all of the water and to sparingly integrate fire elements such as lighting and candles. Shades of neutrals, white, fresh green, and grays help calm the space and purify the energy. Keeping the door closed helps keep the flow of negative energy from moving about the rest of your home. And as always, the space from the sink to the shower should be viewed as a place for removing the negative energy you collect throughout the day.

bamboo bathroom


In order to pull of the aesthetic I had in mind, I chose to scrap the plastic curtains and accessories and the loud shower curtain hooks and replace them all with bamboo elements. My first purchase was a bamboo panel, mine is actually a fence panel that you can purchase at a home improvement store for around $100. I used simple black silk ribbon to install it. I also added a bamboo floor mat – which stays warm under the feet and still doesn’t retain water. In the shower, I’ve always loved the feeling of wood slat under the feet, like in Japanese spas – so I purchased some bamboo shower mats. My shower fit two comfortably, so I covered the floor. I keep them in at bath time and simply tip them so they can dry out after each shower. Replacing them later in the day once dry.


bamboo bathroom accessories


I integrated more bamboo throughout the space with a multi tier standing rack for products and towels, and this small window box shelf. I completed it with bamboo soap storage containers and similarly toned blonde shade bamboo brushes. I like the warm honey neutrals throughout the space as it perpetuates my typical color pallette of black and camel. The effect on the space is that it is more inviting and warm, more organic and more conducive to salt baths and spa quality treatments than the typical plastic clad bathroom setup. 

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