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I’m a big fan of a 5 minute makeup look. I’ve never been one in my personal life to spend an hour on my makeup because I don’t like the look or feel of all of the layers. I prefer when my makeup only highlights the natural planes and features of my face.

What many people fail to realize is that their makeup looks a mess outside of an Instagram shot. Life warrants that we are viewed from multiple angles, and in different lights. There is a huge fallacy in doing your everyday makeup the same way you would for a photo shoot.

Let’s break that down a bit HERE IN THIS POST before I proceed to break down the look I affectionately call “the Italian face”.

You’ll need the following for the look:
– Brown eyeshadow or multipurpose powder for face countour etc.
– Brown lip liner
– Brown eyebrow pencil or pomade
– Fine bristle stiff eyeshadow brush
– Contour brush

– mascara
– Liquid lipstick in a brown based neutral pink

For the look always start with a well moisturizer face. I like to use Clinique gel moisturizer because it helps set the contour without being sticky like a lotion. I don’t tend to wear foundation unless my skin is having a crisis moment. You’re welcome to do whatever you’re comfortable with.

1. After gel moisturizer,apply your face contour in a shape that best suits your particular face shape. I’m an angular heart shape so I put my counter in soft 3 shapes hitting forehead, under cheekbone, and at jawline.

2. Apply nose contour in the shape that best suits your nose shape, blend well and make sure it touches the eye crease in a clean line.

3. Using eyeshadow continue the crease work until you’ve lightly shaded and enhanced your natural eye shape.

4. At this point I like to go in and finish the brow with pomade before I line the eye so that I can counter balance the visual weight of the two. Apply a matching brow pomade or powder to shape and fill the brow so it’s strong, defined, and natural. As this look is very Italiana…it helps if you have a hick brow naturally.

5. After brows, using the stiff bristle eyeshadow brush, like the tear line with the darker of the two powders you’ve used. Continue and drag the line out a bit like a soft brown cat eye. The trick with all of the shadow work is to give the up and out feline shape to the eye.

6. Now move to the lip, I like to use a really sharp gray brown lipliner to slightly enhance my lip shape and fullness. I shadow into the corners of the lip and give a gradient effect so that the centers look pouty.

7. You can optionally add a liquid lipstick in a shade very similar to the natural lip but more pinky nude and add highlight to the cheekbones and forehead. Avoid at any costs the tip of the nose highlight – it looks absurd from any angle but straight on.



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