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I’ve really worked hard this year to kick the habit of consuming added sugars in foods, drinks, and desserts. However, in the US – that can be easier said than done. Americans tend to consume lots of processed foods that have added sugar, sweeteners, sweetening by products, etc. SO much so that it can be hard to keep track of what actually should or shouldn’t have sugars.


It’s not always practical to avoid any and all cravings for sweets – but it is practical to avoid the high sugar, artificially sweetened, syrupy sweets. Of course whole, fresh fruits are a great way to get your sugar dose – but sometimes consuming these feel more like consuming water or nectar rather than actually soothing that sugar tooth. 

Instead of relying on fresh fruits alone, I have solved my sweet tooth by turning to the below additives that are totally healthy, easy to purchase, and go a long way in making sure you are curbing your unhealthy cravings and not reaching for a candy bar or impulse purchase in between meetings.

Here are 4 of my best hacks for cutting back on added sugar in a health, organic fashion.

1. Maca Powder

Maca powder is a fantastic product to turn to as an additive in oatmeals, chia puddings, on flat breads with ghee or almond butter or organic peanut butter, dusted on whole almonds or walnuts, or simply sprinkled over fresh fruits to trick your taste buds.

One of the notorious South American superfoods. Maca is fantastic for balancing hormones and is a great addition to your diet to help with women’s reproductive health and aligning the body’s natural hormonal levels. It’s a sweet, cinnamony warm but not spicy flavor – similar to brown sugar meets nutmeg. I love the Navitas Organics brand.


2. Cacao Nibs

Sometimes my sugar craving comes in only one setting – CHOCOLATE. While a few squares of dark or semi-dark chocolate with little artificial sugar can be good for the body, mind, and spirit – sometimes that isn’t something I have on hand.

That’s why I often turn to Cacao nibs as a way to integrate the warm, earthly aroma of chocolate into my healthy meals and snacks without all of the bad for you bits. I like to sprinkle these cacao nibs in unsweetened oatmeal, or on an english muffin with honey and sliced strawberries. Once again, Navitas Organics makes a great product and it’s budget friendly.


3. Gelato!

I love a crisp lime basil gelato in the summer, and the sweet but low added sugar confection is both a bit good for you and a bit of a treat. When I really want to splurge and be indulgent I go for gelato, but not a heavy creamy dessert flavor. Instead I turn to something with whole, fresh ingredients and no added sugar. The earthy, tart and slightly bitter lime basil hits the spot every time. My favorite shop is Amorino, but any neighborhood authentic Italian gelateria works for me.

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4. Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton candy grapes are a product of Brazil, and boy are they tasty. A bit pricier than your more domestic grape, these little beauties get their name because they taste just like cotton candy. All the sweet sugary taste but none of the actual spun sugar. You can find them in your local grocery store.

A nice spoilage free alternative is this yummy vitamin and protein infused water that is Cotton Candy Grape flavored.



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