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Decision making. Something you’ve trained yourself to do all of your life.


Would you bet that you are aware of every decision you make? I’d venture to say that most people would, because for most of what they would classify as “decisions” …they are taking a moment to stop and assess.


What of the moments you make a choice without taking a moment to stop and assess? There are more in a day than you can keep track of – surely. In the world of business, small little details where you have a choice crop up and you tend to move with instinct, which is a very good thing. However, don’t be so hasty…..each little decision you make is something I call a “lever”.

Why is it important, you ask? …and I simply can’t wait to tell you. It’s vital to know what you can control, what you can’t, and where you went wrong when things go a bit sideways (drift).

A lever is a variable that either contributes to success (or float), stagnation (staying the same), or sink (when things become worse). Knowing which decision to make at every turn is just part of the equation. Here is my full proof plan to take a moment and assess, at every turn – without giving into analysis paralysis- so that you may have as much control as possible of the levers at your disposal.

Step 1:

Assess your first lever.

Determining that you in fact have a lever that you can manipulate is key.  For example, you have an email blast you want to send – every aspect of the design is a lever. Each lever contributes to your conversion. Each potential call to action text in the subject line, to be more granular, is a lever to pull. How big and impactful do you want your lever to be?

These things may seem like creative choices, not full blown impactful decisions…but they are.

Step 2:

Assess your second lever and the interplay between it and the first lever.

How does your first lever impact the next level?

So you chose a really showy call to action and went out on a limb with an attention grabbing, emoji laden, tongue in cheek subject line……what’s your next decision? The next line of your email blast…AKA ‘The Grab’ can either continue the joke and risk turning off the recipient….or it can make fun of itself and fall back into more professional language. Where do you want to use your ammo?

Step 3:

Go back to the beginning. Yes. Your first decision.

We launched into a hypothetical reality where we had an email blast to send…but did you catch that…that was your first decision. You first decided to contact your audience via email. Before that….you made a decision on how you wanted to harvest those email addresses. Were those willful decisions for your business/personal growth – or did you just organically add on the ol’ email blast method because it is table stakes in this day and age? Better yet, which data do you have on your target audience that suggests that an email blast is their preferred method of receiving info from you…. when did you make that decision? Would a podcast be better use of your time?


Always stop and appreciate each decision you have to make, and the divergent paths that lead out from those decisions. It’s easy to begin making choices and writing them off as not quite decisions, but everything from the nuanced reflex to a carefully calculated strategy is a decision, and/or series of decisions. The point of this post, is to get you in the habit of being more in tune with when you are making a decision…big or small…impactful or not.

I think you’d be surprised to find just how impactful a handful of small, small choices truly is in terms of how they are running you or your business.

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