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Ever since I started my modeling career I’ve become increasingly more obsessed with the nude manicure, or as those in the industry call it – the mannequin hand.

The key is to choose a shade within 2 shades of your skin tone, of the same temperature and under coloring, and with a semi transparent sheen. If the color is too shiny, too matte, or too opaque the nails will look too done and the effect is not the same.

The colors I am loving for this look are as follows:

1. Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity
2. Essie Ballet Slippers
3. Sally Hansen Bare Dare
4. Sally Hansen Birthday Suit

Some tips and tricks:

1. A sqound or square-round shape is best for this look as it doesn’t look too done but the nail still looks well maintained.

2. Skip the top coat because it looks too shiny and thusly too fake. You may have to remove and repaint every 3- 4 days but it’s worth it for the natural look.

3. In the modeling world it’s all about looking naturally and effortlessly flawless. So for go sees and castings as well as for photos I would do a mannequin hands manicure – but just before the polish dries I would push my fingerprint into the top coat so that it looked more blurred and matte. If the nail was too shiny it picked up light and was distracting in the shot. You can use this hack too, just don’t go overboard and leave a fingerprint.

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