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On the heels of my post about how I goal set, I thought it would also be helpful to share how I break down my day. The best way to achieve a goal is to segment it into daily chunks to tackle.

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My method of choice, I call it: The Core 4 Method. I choose 4 Professional daily key achievements and 4 Personal to dos.

As I work in Financial Services at a FinTech company, my Professional Core 4 usually consist of the 4 items I need to get done in my career in the now term. My personal Core 4 consist of BLOOM and items related to my personal brand. I also have a daily/weekly plan for BLOOM, but I tend to plan those smaller tasks intermittently throughout my day so I’m always in the flow. 

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Here is a short example of my Core 4 for my two categories, followed by an explanation of my criteria for what makes the Core 4 cut.

My method:

The date: WEDNESDAY January 17th

  1. CX meeting for approvals on wireframes – go team!

2.  Ensure Bank contract keeps moving. (Loop in executive panel.)

3.  Understand nuances of Asset Class by Lunch

4.  Put together proposal for Project X by COB

To do:

  1. Develop BLOOM CRM – 40 min

2.  Write two new posts.

3. Promo plan for the 2018 Growth Planner

4. Onboard new advertising clients


For me, the criteria for something to make it to “Core 4″status in my daily planner is if the objective is aligned with my weekly/monthly strategy, it’s the next most important thing I can be doing, and its doable right now with nothing barring my success for that day but my own lack of iniative. 

It’s really THAT simple.

I have found that this process keeps me focused, on priority and balanced between feeling accomplished and productive and still maintaining “white space” to recharge and focus on my other developmental goals like self care and spiritual growth.

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